FENG SHUI TRUTH: Feng Shui is not about astrology, superstition, religion, philosophy nor is it an occult practice.  Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY and how energy impacts out lives, relationships, health, listings, careers and the world at large.

If we accept the theory that we live in a Holographic Universe with no separation in "visible and invisible" energy, then we must also acknowledge and accept that fear, anger, jealousy, hatred and/or indifference towards life, our partners, and brothers and sisters on the planet - is what will be mirrored back to us.

Thus, when we court "negative" energy whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, our environment becomes a fertile breeding ground for hardship, anxiety, conflict, war and problems of every nature.

Likewise, if we live with sharp, uncomfortable or shabby furnishings, chaos, dissonant music, loud noise, offensive odors, and other irritating elements in opur environment (Sha Chi), our lives and communication will eventually mirror the same.

On the other hand, when we free ourselves of toxic clutter in our internal and external environment, and surround ourselves with POSITIVE life force...we also give other people and countries permission to do the same thing as well..as there is NO SEPARATION in ENERGY!

FENG SHUI TIP:  For the next 7 days, "monitor" your thoughts, conversation, tone of voice and actions , and "listen carefully" to what YOU are trying to tell YOU..about your life and the world.

FENG SHUI INTENTION: I create PEACE, HARMONY AND BALANCE in everything I say, act and do.  I take responsibility for the quality of my life, relationships and the world at large.