Definition: Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) means Wind and Water.  Our environment: that piece of land, that portion of the Earth that is ours was shaped by the power of wind and water.  Our earth's size, contour, level, and overall appearance is continually changing and being transformed by the natural forces of wind and water.

Intention: "To live in harmony with the elements of nature."  This is the fundamental belief of Taoism.  The word Tao means "The Way", which refers to the visible and invisible forces of nature and a code of right action that honors everything on Earth.

Principle:  Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy.  The way energy flows in, through, and around one's environment dynamically affects one's life and career.  The Chinese call this energy "Ch'i" the Life Force.   In terms of quantum physics, everything in the universe is alive with Ch'i, connected by Ch'i, and cycles and changes with Ch'i.

Feng Shui is a centuries-old concept of bringing man into harmony with his surroundings.  Integrating Chi in the Home and Workplace helps to balance and harmonize Time and Space, People and the Environment as One Integral Entity.